Tips and Tricks learnt at the Tilbury House Open 2008

From the judges'point of view:

  • Some first prop did not trigger any POI: their arguments should have been more controversial
  • Structure = big love, especially for 7 min speeches. Be careful not to convince yourself that you have time, or you’ll end announcing your third point at the beginning of the last protected minute = big bof
  • Team line: Announcing your partner points ( not necessarily a clear plan, which will force him to stick to it, but the clear lines) IS important. And for the second speaker, dealing with what your team partner announced IS also important!!
  • Don’t forget Can’s structure: Assertion, argument, example
  • There is NO WAY you do not rebutt
  • If you are in the second half of the debate, state your extension in a clear way ( you are not yet good enough not to do it…)
  • End of speech plan: re-tell your points so that the adjudicators can confirm some stuff they might have not written down or noticed because of lack of time
  • Don’t eat the members of the other house but at least attack them!! This is not a Teletubbies discussion about how green the grass could be...
  • If you are confused, don’t tell the judges you are: either they noticed it and there is no need to remind them of it, they understood, either they didn’t and you should not point it out!
  • Try to finish your sentence, or there’s no human possibility for the judges to follow your mind