A few games to practice your debating skills

Introduction to BP style

World Style (or British Parliamentary Style) focuses on content, arguments and structure. The point is to put forward the best arguments possible in a structured way. In this format, there are very specific rules and a strict protocol to follow. As a result, this style tends to be less appealing to a public of non debaters. Also every speaker has a very specific role to fulfill, whereas in the Paris Vs Style, only the first and last speakers have special roles, the three middle speakers simply develop their arguments.

The big difference between the Paris Vs Style (FDA) and Worlds Style (WS) is the preparation time. The motion is announced ONE week in advance in the first case, and only 15 MINUTES beforehand in the second. Thus, WS is a greater test of your ability to think on your feet. Also, the motions tends to be much more ‘closed’ (restricted in scope) and most of the time tend to favor a policy debate rather than a philosophical one.

Due to the format, World Style lays the emphasis on spontaneity and wit, and is thus very challenging.